Making the personal learning journey make SENse 

Our Mission Statement

SENse Learning is an independent special educational needs provider. We bring together expert teams of teachers, learning support assistants and therapists to deliver bespoke learning plans for children and young people whose needs are not currently met by mainstream, specialist school placements or home schooling.

Our mission is to ensure that no child is left behind, and that the unique requirements and ability of each child is reflected in an affordable learning plan. SENse therefore works with students, parents, schools and authorities to design an optimum social, emotional and academic curriculum package.

Drawing on our extensive experience as SEN practitioners, we are a first choice for parents and schools seeking interim, outreach and home education provision.

We believe in a proactive rather than reactive approach, and therefore aim to identify each student's needs and enhance each student's potential, instead of only responding to crises, which we unfortunately see all too often with many young people out of school or refusing to attend.

As well as supporting students, we support parents, school staff and authorities to "up-skill" for their role in SEN provision - offering training and advice to make informed decisions about learning pathways, and how best to play an active role in SEN provision. By empowering all stakeholders within a child's care network, we ensure continuity and coherence in the way support is delivered.

SENse Learning's specialist areas include:

  • Autistic Spectrum Conditions, including PDA
  • Attachment disorders
  • ADHD
  • Mental health needs, including Clinical Anxiety