Safeguarding Policy

Admissions Policy 

  • Introduction

This policy describes the way in SENse Learning Ltd will operate its admissions processes and procedures. This policy will be applied to all parent/carers, Local Authority Case Workers and schools.

  • Access

Prospective parents, Local Authorities, Schools and SENse Learning Associates are made aware of the existence of this policy and where it can be accessed.

This policy is reviewed annually.

  • Policy Principles and Values
  • To provide highly specialised and flexible education programmes to children and young people with a main diagnosis of complex autism and/or social communication needs, attachment disorder and clinical anxiety.
  • To provide a bespoke package for children with EHCPs who are out of school or struggling to attend school
  • To form professional working relationships with all the children and young people as well as their families.
  • We understand that schools are not always the most appropriate learning environments for children with complex needs at different points in their life.
  • Our focus is on the individualised learning pathway for every child to ensure they reach their full potential
  • We also aim to ensure we think about next steps and long-term outcomes to support with future transitions.
  • We will be open and honest in our communication with families and the local authority if we feel a child or young person's needs could be better met elsewhere.
  • We will treat all applicants equally regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, background or any other factors.
  • We will prioritise referrals from West Sussex Local Education Authority and neighbouring Local Education Authorities.
  • We may sometimes need to operate a waiting list if we are full
  • We may refuse an offer of a place if we feel we cannot meet a child or young person's needs safely within our provision.
  • Admissions Procedure

A formal referral can be made through LA and/or a school. A referral of interest can be made through parent/carers but will then be taken up directly with the allocated case worker.

Once a referral is made, an assessment process takes place;

  • First an EHCP is requested for the Director and Assistant Director to look through
  • A phone conversation with the LA case worker and or school and parent/carer is made to discuss initial enquiry and gain additional oversight of need.
  • If on the Outreach pathway, a meeting will be set up with the school.
  • For both the tuition and outreach path, a meeting will be set up with the parent/carer at the home to meet them and the young person (where possible).
  • A decision will then be made unless more information is required.
  • If offer of provision is made, a costing provision map will be sent to the case worker and/or a school(for outreach only). If agreed, staffing will then be allocated, and provision will start the following half term if required before a new school year.
  • Transition visits will take place with the staff allocated to meet the young person and families.

If you feel we could meet your child's needs contact Lucy or Sophie on 07895722337 or lucy.mcmann@sense-learning.com/sophie.amos@sense-learning.com 

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