SENse Learning Safeguarding Policy 

SENse Learning Policy Document 

Admissions Policy 

Introduction & Purpose

This policy is the Admissions Policy for SENse Learning which will be followed by all members of the Organisation and promoted by those in the position of leadership within the Organisation. This policy will be applied to all referrals to SENse Learning. 

Policy Principles & Values 

  • The Organisation will provide highly specialised and flexible education programmes to children and young people with additional needs ranging from complex autism including PDA and/or social communication needs, developmental trauma/attachment disorder, ADHD and clinical anxiety or related mental health issues
  • The Organisation will provide a bespoke package for children with EHCPs who are out of school or struggling to attend 
  • The Organisation will form professional working relationships with all children and young people as well as their families 
  • The Organisation understands that schools are not always the most appropriate learning environments for children with complex needs at different points in their life
  • The Organisation will think about next steps and long-term outcomes to support with future transitions
  • The Organisation will be open and honest in the communication with families and the local authority if we believe a child or young person's needs could be better met elsewhere
  • The Organisation will treat all applicants equally regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, background or any other factors 
  • The Organisation will prioritise referrals from West Sussex Local Education Authority and neighbouring Local Education Authorities
  • The Organisation may utilise a waiting list should the provision be full 
  • The Organisation may refuse an offer of provision if we feel we cannot meet a child or young person's needs safely within the provision


A formal referral can be made through LA and/or a school. A referral of interest can be made through a parent or carer but will then be taken up directly with the allocated case worker within the local authority. Once a referral is made, an assessment process takes place:

  • First an EHCP is requested for the Directors to read through
  • A phone conversation with the LA case worker and/or school and parent or carer is made to discuss the initial enquiry and gain additional oversight of need
  • If the referral is through the Outreach pathway, a meeting will be set up with the school
  • For both the Tuition and Outreach pathway, a meeting will be set up with the parent or carer at home to meet them and the young person (where possible). A risk assessment and student plan will be written in this meeting as part of the assessment process
  • A decision will then be made unless more information is required
  • If an offer of provision is made, a costing provision map will be set to the case worker and/or school (for Outreach only). If agreed, Associates will then be allocated, and we will endeavour to start the following half term, if not before
  • Transition visits will take place with the Associates allocated to meet the young person and families

If you feel we could meet your child or student's needs, please contact our admin team to make a referral - admin.team@sense-learning.com