SENse Learning Services


Our Outreach Programme is individually designed for pupils who are on roll with a school but struggling to access their lessons within the school environment. We can offer tailor made support to help them to re-engage with mainstream or specialist school placements.

We use specialist teaching staff who have in depth knowledge of a broad range of conditions and in addition, can support with anxiety and complex mental health issues. Students will receive academic tuition in the interim period, as well as support with their social and emotional needs.

All our staff are experienced in liaising with schools and other professionals to achieve the common goal of re-engagement to school. 


Our team of Specialist Teachers and Learning Support Assistants provide holistic tuition for children who are out of school or in between placements, taking place in the student's own home. We work with local authorities seeking specialist student learning solutions and can accept referrals from families with individual personal budgets. An assessment process will take place once a referral has been made. 

We offer delivery of all subjects, however, specific discussions on each child's needs will take place at the time of referral.

Students programmes will be individually designed and planned by experienced Specialist Teachers, including English and Maths.

We also offer a programme to support students with any social communication and anxiety needs they may have.